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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.

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Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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Luis EH Silva
Luis EH Silva 6 órája
Te amo eres mi Gopniks favorito, arriba la Unión Soviética uwu.
btsblobyblob 6 órája
My favorite part was when he checked the soup and u could clearly see wood peices and chunks in the water lmfao
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 6 órája
Don’t mind me, I’m just making a comment that doesn’t say “we are not savages- cuts carrot with chainsaw”
Tenno Nick
Tenno Nick 7 órája
lets get a trick of cooking with brick plees
Roni Ohayon
Roni Ohayon 7 órája
Everbody gangster untill boris starts cooking with a chain saw
v1c3nt3 wrench dedsec
Play gta5
Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones 7 órája
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister
Western spy Slayer
Use a blender to make full meal
Haiden Davis
Haiden Davis 7 órája
How much wood was consumed in the making of this video?
video gamer
video gamer 8 órája
Hey play the game blind justice trust me you would love it like you love babushka
The_WHITW 8 órája
Подождите, он русский?
Blessed Mason
Blessed Mason 8 órája
Water from rivers of Chernobyl lol had me there
Aysel 8 órája
Next episode: *cooking with a dragunov*
Juliette Orellana
Cooking with vodka :3
Buddy Shitposting
Bro I hope you are eating healthy
lil brody
lil brody 8 órája
Do cooking with sword
Memes And Anime
Memes And Anime 9 órája
Next episode: making chainsaw with chainsaw
Melissa Brooks
Melissa Brooks 9 órája
Cook fish with a sharpened brick
Lil Moee713
Lil Moee713 9 órája
show your face the slav version of vladimir lenin
Lil Moee713
Lil Moee713 9 órája
drink vodka like Boris or you go to gulag
Christopher Stasen
Nobody: Neighbor Vadim: Why must Boris cook with loudest tools blyat. It ruin my drilling time.
Big Snood
Big Snood 10 órája
Bar oil is best cooking oil
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin 10 órája
Twink MCgink
Twink MCgink 10 órája
next episode execute some renegades in a gulag
Golden Mangle
Golden Mangle 10 órája
With bricks- jk,cook with your hands only
Water Melon Kid
Water Melon Kid 11 órája
Do *C O O K I N G W I T H B R I C K*
helljumper 256
helljumper 256 11 órája
Making potato salad with brick
Jaiden White
Jaiden White 11 órája
hey today I did something productive I found out a 50 cal round fits a 556 mag perfectly
Jessica Chabre
Jessica Chabre 11 órája
I have a merch idea squatniks
Camilo Ferraro
Camilo Ferraro 12 órája
Nobody: Life Of Boris channel ip: NocturnoPlays Maybe his old channel name? We don`t know
SK3L3T0N_KING 155 12 órája
Cooking with Artyom NO do not put the cat in the fire
Ghøst X
Ghøst X 12 órája
Next: cooking babushka's soup with a makarov
Death Angel
Death Angel 12 órája
You should become a chef Boris
Yummy-Potato ASMR & Vlogs
Are those Idaho potatoes??
Carlos Leyva
Carlos Leyva 13 órája
I wanna see this man meet swagger souls
Giovannelli FXE4520
The next vídeo, making soup on a bulldozer shovel?
Rodrigo Rumbo Cuesta
This is a Spanish “Guisado”!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Cicero the jester
Cicero the jester 14 órája
Oh yes and don’t start a chainsaw like that because it swings towards your legs start it by holding the handle between your legs
ラズノイド 14 órája
Make something with a gun
Prymanic 14 órája
Cooking with gUn
Secret _
Secret _ 14 órája
Ngl I want to try that soup
Valtteri Tarvainen
Valtteri Tarvainen 14 órája
anyone else watching at 1 AM?
elecro flux
elecro flux 15 órája
Next episode on life of boris: cooking with a tank, because why not
Oblio1942 15 órája
ah the stump, I've broken many a wood for the fireplace on a stump in my youth when I was suspended from school for the fighting, or when my mom got mad at me. Anyway the stump, the old rotten stump, was near and dear to me. The woodshed however? That was a rundown rotten piece of shit 'shed' tho? Fuck that id rather take from the wood pile next to it.
Toms Ducmanis
Toms Ducmanis 15 órája
I think that there is only one person ho is as good at cooking as you it's agent vegan
Nurkaman 16 órája
Next cooking with kalashnikov
VVill 16 órája
Cook soup over slav car engine to prove once more how much better russian cars are to other ones.
AtsR 16 órája
Next up: cooking with a tractor
8ngelic 16 órája
" but were not savages here"... * proceeds to make food with a chainsaw *
Amateur Sport
Amateur Sport 16 órája
I’d be really interested by cooking with sledgehammer
YT Scooty
YT Scooty 17 órája
Boris I have a request, can you show how to make a good Slav adidas tracksuit? I would appreciate it cause mine is trash right now.
Adan Barac
Adan Barac 17 órája
Me every time Boris takes The chain saw : RIP AND TEAR
A Terol
A Terol 17 órája
Driving Lada with chainsaw
stormiidaze 17 órája
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">4:55</a> i am ashamed to say i took this very out of context
maxpug25 17 órája
Next challenge: cook dinner with comrade kat
DARVIN Alimanović
DARVIN Alimanović 17 órája
boris you should spend 24 hours in lada and for the next food challenge cooking with scissors
Shadow Sweetheart
Shadow Sweetheart 18 órája
Boris, are you alright? All the dirt that got on the food can’t be good for you! Also make Making Cake With Scissors happen. I need to see that.
Nejc Gimpelj
Nejc Gimpelj 18 órája
cooking with AK47
vahe yepremyan
vahe yepremyan 18 órája
Shadowlegend 19 órája
Borris: we are not savages here. Continues to chop carrots with chainsaw.
привет 6
привет 6 19 órája
русские залайкайте что бы иностранцы думали что здесь что то крутое
Jamer's Channel
Jamer's Channel 19 órája
Corona Virus joined the chat
Chase Jegodtka
Chase Jegodtka 19 órája
Rumor has it that there is a 5th reactor in Chernobyl where Anatoli lives now...
Minh Trúc Phan
Minh Trúc Phan 19 órája
cooking with bricks please
Darius Grindei
Darius Grindei 20 órája
Next episode : Cooking with car :)
Vacuum Bag
Vacuum Bag 20 órája
"But we are not savages here" CUTS CARROTS WITH A CHAINSAW
albo3 21 órája
*Local Russian man cuts off leg trying to make soup.*
Nekryt Remastered
Nekryt Remastered 21 órája
Make shaurma please
shadow madness
shadow madness 21 órája
Talking about chainsaws, will you play doom eternal?
Roni Rahnasto
Roni Rahnasto 21 órája
Theres oil in the chainsaw
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 órája
boris: "we are not savages here." proceeds to use chainsaw to cut carrots
Thomas Fan
Thomas Fan 22 órája
next up:cooking with rocket launcher
Ghost the Stormcaller
Next episode: Cooking with a Dragunov.
Morgan Allison
Morgan Allison 22 órája
*R.I.P P O T A T O E*
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 órája
Ah yes the Expert cook
Y E E 22 órája
Samsul Arif
Samsul Arif 22 órája
Cook with your slav power
WhY aM i HeRe ?
WhY aM i HeRe ? 22 órája
gordon ramsay is jealous
Papuna Koridze
Papuna Koridze 22 órája
i dont know but that bread looks good
WhY aM i HeRe ?
WhY aM i HeRe ? 22 órája
какой-то кролик
Я один тут говорю по русски?
Cooking with splitting axe
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