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Jeffree Star is at it again! With his new Cremated Eyeshadow Palette, a lot of people have had a lot of opinions. This all-grey eyeshadow palette definitely is the talk of the town, and today I’m taking it for a ride! What do I think of the drama + is the quality any good? LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER!!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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Scarlett Hardy
eunice santos it was delayed because of lockdown in Cali and wear houses being closed, please follow up on things before you stop supporting someone lol!
Scarlett Hardy
stan lana del rey he also mentioned that the launch go delayed.
Madmax 1.4
Madmax 1.4 5 napja
Cant wait!!!
Scarlett Hardy
stan lana del rey it wouldn’t have mattered people would die from COVID no matter what, people would still hate on it. And he said he didn’t want to release expired makeup cause he’s been working on this for a while, you should watch his video
Scarlett Hardy
Oodle of the Noodle I mean it is called cremated so it’s the theme.
Maureen Carlson
Anyra Rahman
Anyra Rahman 2 órája
So, Jeffree didn't intend to launch his pallet during the pandemic.
Manesty 2 órája
I don’t know if I’d buy it but I really like it and it looks really good quality and pretty colours
Sourhoney 2 órája
this palette reminds me of one that limecrime made.
K Spdr
K Spdr 2 órája
Chills!!!! Amazing amazing pallette!!!! Gorgeous colors! The dimensions of the colors! ❤❤❤❤❤ I agree probably the best pallette of Jeffrey!!! I ❤ the colors!
Crissy D
Crissy D 2 órája
I can't wait until Cremated launches in Europe 😭💕
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 3 órája
cremated? DA FUQ? He used cremated bodies of human beings to create THIS?! WHAT DA FUQ?!
Alexx Aplin
Alexx Aplin 2 órája
Seriously? You can't be *that* dense. The NAME is "Cremated" no cosmetics company would allow ACTUAL cremated people to be used in cosmetics, use a little common sense.
Lyndsey Carr
Lyndsey Carr 3 órája
Um no its the lip fillers that make your lips look fuller
Megan B
Megan B 3 órája
It is for sure tone deaf, and as a brand owner you should be aware of how crazy people can be . He should have known people were going to lose it . As it is 2020 and we can’t say or do anything anymore lol: I wish my life was so perfect that the most tragic thing in it is a makeup palette with a silly name . LOL
Atika Karim
Atika Karim 3 órája
I Don't even know what does mean the word 'cremated'
Jenna Nelson
Jenna Nelson 2 órája
Cremation is a method of final disposition of a dead body through burning
Maria San Juan
Maria San Juan 3 órája
Doyen 3 órája
You had so much fun with this. I loved watching. Also! Beautiful nails
Wolf98 0987
Wolf98 0987 3 órája
I haven't personly tried cremated but I feel like I would love this pallet becuase I'm more of a natural brown orange person and I am terrified of bright colours so I feel this would be good for me (I also have very very terrible makeup broducts lmao)
some name
some name 4 órája
people need to naturalize death. it's an unfortunate part of life, the sooner we accept it the easier it is to deal with it. ive lost my father when i was 12, it was intense, it left me kinda lost tbh. but today, 8 years later i understand death better. it obviously hurts but life is a cicle, it begins and it ends. we are left with memories and stories. and those, my people, keep them alive
Maria Puddu
Maria Puddu 4 órája
Not bothered by the theme at all, but personally all the shades and even the makeup on Jeffree's face reminds me more of a black and white film🤔 if it was my palette, that's what I would've been inspired by, but I get the death theme is more in line with the other palettes he's come out with👍🏻
neci596 4 órája
Shane Dawson made a whole series and people still don't get it.
Aisha Tautau
Aisha Tautau 4 órája
Jeffree you gone done it again, stunning!!!
Kawaii_Pineapple123 Oop-
Reading people s comments...sources of comments,shade etc come from multiple rumors. Jeffree Star probably made this collection because of his BREAKUP WITH NATE... Explains a lot if you think of it! If people choose to complain, you should see which stand you would like to apply to your beliefs.JS tells many stories if you watch his interview s, not his channel real sources.
Jenna Nelson
Jenna Nelson 2 órája
this pallet was in the works before nate and jeffree even separated lmao
Jennika Ochoa-Mendez
Wow... I cannot wait to get my hands on this palette. As always, the quality from JSC is 🔥😍
Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden 5 órája
I like some of the colours like the silvers and greys but the concept behind I don’t know sounds disturbing
Lola's Lounge
Lola's Lounge 5 órája
I just stumbled across this video in my feed and have to ask why I haven't heard of you before? And yes, I do live under a rock when it comes to these tutorials because I've never been able to correctly follow them because my face is not the same shape as the guru. I have watched the other guru and I have to say that your voice was soothing and you weren't over the top. Very natural. I wish that I could continue watching your vids but I cannot because i won't ever be able to do my makeup like that unless I'm taught for my specific face and feature shape. It gets very frustrating once the vid ends and im brought back to reality. I have bought nice brushes and palettes just to have them sitting collecting dust because I looked like a clown. I really wish there was a guru who is willing to come teach this plain Jane how to properly apply makeup for my eye and face shape and get these gorgeous looks. Until then...au revoir Nikkie! You were beautiful to watch. 😢
isis winkelman
isis winkelman 5 órája
Can you do the one dip makeup challenge???
amazinggirl12 5 órája
I’m pretty sure we all learned during the docu series that a pallet takes MONTHS to make and launch. People complaining need to realize this virus dropped on us out of now where get a life
Not georgie
Not georgie 6 órája
I feel like we still didn’t see a range of the shades being used, there was a good amount of repeat uses and I feel like the looks created could have been made with any pallete that has grey shades
Grace Vazquez
Grace Vazquez 6 órája
Suzanne van Haaster
where is the blouse from.....
Kitsune-DAS 6 órája
Nikkie: I didn't know there was so much variety, so much dimension when it comes to grey tones... But also, couple of these shades are barely different... goths: ...Girl. Nikkie: "Coroner's Kiss"... that is disturbing. ...If you look past the theme and the name... mainly with the eyeshadows... goths: ...pulls out wallet...
Orella Gillette
Orella Gillette 6 órája
Seems like someone always has to be offended about something. 🙄
VoldiOldie Artichokie
I can’t even smoke weed without having an anxiety attack because I always think too much of death, I’m pretty sure I have suppressed trauma lmaoooo but I’m still getting the palette, it’s beautiful, I never mixed those two things together.
Meracle Honecker
Meracle Honecker 7 órája
But love the palette!!!
Nia Williams
Nia Williams 7 órája
omg my color palette!!!!!!!!! these colors give me life
Nia Williams
Nia Williams 7 órája
already sold out tho
Sandra Sears
Sandra Sears 7 órája
It's a HUvid beauty junky, look at me type of palette.🤷🏼‍♀️Meh
cut throat
cut throat 7 órája
the shades are beautiful even tho the theme is iffy for me
While Being Quarintined
Well if you don't want it don't buy it
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper 7 órája
nikkies reviews are literally so important
Rachal LaPeer
Rachal LaPeer 7 órája
It's beautiful and people need to grow up and realize that he didn't make this over night and during the panademic. It was planned and created way beforehand. Just happened to an unfortunate timing of release, which he had already postponed once but lives must continue, safely.
Kendra Valdez
Kendra Valdez 7 órája
It’s good
Allison Wonderland
This look reminds me of my 🐈. She was born with one pink rimmed eye and one black rimmed eye.
Junias McLauchlan
Jeffree star released the collection on NATIONAL GOTH DAY. He said it was meant for all the weird and goth kids and even the campaign posters resembled the Adams family.
Jamie Purtteman
Jamie Purtteman 7 órája
My favorite quote of all time: Life you won’t make it out alive. We need to remember it’s what we do in the in between and having fun with makeup seems like time well spent.
Kaiju Jynx
Kaiju Jynx 7 órája
This formula doesn't look golden... It looks GRAY-T. 😂
Celina Hartley
Celina Hartley 7 órája
Those lashes destroyed the smokey eye
Jan Marvin Untalan
Actually all I care is the make up itself and how Nikkie used it ❤️🌹 love you po from Philippines 😘
Mink 8 órája
My grandmother passed away last August at the age of 61 and she was cremated (she didn’t want a funeral) so when this was released I got very emotional. If I had the funds I would have bought it straight away but I’m currently waiting for the restock 💕
Jaimie T
Jaimie T 8 órája
A lot of people don't get the idea of concept art. How come ColorPop can release a yellow palette, a lavender palette, a green palette, a blue palette and Morphe can release 50 brown palettes and everyone loves them. Nobody has done a gray palette that is this good. It's not supposed to be everyday wear, neither is your other 1 tone color palettes.
Katy Ramirez
Katy Ramirez 8 órája
Am I tripping or did your eyes turn grey with those colors!? Before you started the other eye, I could REALLY see the change!
Rae Kesler
Rae Kesler 8 órája
Why is everyone getting mad? I see new makeup for funerals...beautiful darkness
Chuck Ocenar
Chuck Ocenar 8 órája
“...like I never even knew that there’s so much dimension to grey!” Nikkie, meet Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey 😂
heather brooke
heather brooke 8 órája
Jeffrey has always been controversial. This isn't the first time he's used a controversial name lol
megalopolis2015 8 órája
I dig this palette so much. I wear a lot of black, grey and white anyway, and there are so many options with these shades. There's not a single shade I'd want to skip over. Thanks for showing us your talent and creativity with each review. Super cool.
Kasha Flagg
Kasha Flagg 8 órája
He gave us 50 shades lol
Victoria Rivero
Victoria Rivero 8 órája
Hi I'm from Argentina, could anyone tell me the meaning of "sort"? Causa I don't get it
Bishonen Princess
I don't have a lot of love for Jeffree star as a human being, but the "controversy" surrounding this is pathetic, imo. Makeup is an art, and Jeffree is an artist. A lot of artists deal with the themes of death, for whatever reason. Nobody likes death, but some of us cope by embracing or normalizing that it's an inevitable truth.
Jakiboi2077 8 órája
I mean who tf asked
Sibyl Haynes
Sibyl Haynes 8 órája
Great look as usual. Can you do older women- like me- 52?
Alexis DeLong
Alexis DeLong 8 órája
Anyone else want them to collaborate together to make that Pomeranian Pallet?
Clarissa C.
Clarissa C. 8 órája
What happened to Nikki to the Rescue?
randomgirl013 8 órája
I don't support him, so I would not buy it.
Niles Granfield
Niles Granfield 9 órája
Nikkies shirt is giving me 3rd grade dance recital realness
Sunstar2000 9 órája
He has a color named after a Nazi doctor (Angel of Death) and also has had another anti semitic line...
Sunstar2000 9 órája
As a Jewish person I just cant support an anti semitic person like Jeff
Jennifer Celeste
Jennifer Celeste 9 órája
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> haha pun intended
Rebecca George
Rebecca George 9 órája
I thought that was an amazing tutorial that you did you did it very well. Especially during this devastating pandemic. You we are very cautious and courteous of peoples feelings. But I however absolutely love the names and I’m not offended in anyway shape or form.I definitely will be looking to purchase this pallet because of your tutorial thanks again
Olivia Bishop
Olivia Bishop 9 órája
The name of the palette us actually perfect for the times we R N rn
Ariane Drouin
Ariane Drouin 9 órája
Cancel culture really is toxic and I can’t stand people looking for trouble. Just chaotic
Karinda Harker
Karinda Harker 9 órája
If people are going to get butthurt about the theme of this palette, then they need to get just as butthurt about everyone saying 'I'm dead.' just like Nikki did in this video. 🤷🏻‍♀️
sophia Edgmon
sophia Edgmon 9 órája
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PALLET. The name...... you guys come on for real. I think he could have named it anything and people would have found a way to come for him. This pallet is AMAZING.
Alexia Stefansdottir
Aww my uncle was cremated last year 😔
Alexandria Petty
Alexandria Petty 9 órája
I just want to know where that shirt came from
Les S
Les S 9 órája
It really upset me that people really made it a big deal just because of the name. NO ONE is at fault for this pandemic. Sicknesses happen all the time and this happened to get out of control and Jeffree as all other humans are not at fault. I personally won’t buy this because I am not fair skin. I’m browned skin and i know these will look light and chalky. I do want to say though that this palette is something different! And people can’t complain that Jeffree only thinks about fair skinned humans because all his other palettes are full of color. I know people with darker complexion can use this, but I’ll just stick to the warm tones as usual. 🤗😂 I really think it’s beautiful! 🤩 people really need to stfu for once.
Caitlyn Dauscher
Caitlyn Dauscher 9 órája
I feel like he should have named it deceased. I’ve never heard him say cremated
Kelly 9 órája
I wish you would have swatched all the glosses.
M V 9 órája
i don’t get why people are getting offended by this. jeffree’s pallet isn’t meant to offend anyone. if this is offensive then all the graphic movies and content the business community previews is also gonna trigger people. anything and everything can be offensive to a certain party but that’s obviously not jeffree’s intention.
Jenni Liberty
Jenni Liberty 9 órája
I wish it was called deceased. He always says that lol but everyone will pass away one day. There’s no great time but it’s also inevitable 🤷‍♀️
Abby Reaves
Abby Reaves 9 órája
I literally did not connect the two things at all.
yuli clvros
yuli clvros 9 órája
the colors are beautiful, i just don’t think these colors are good for more of the darker skinned people.
Madeline Presas
Madeline Presas 10 órája
y’all doing all this talk about this palette but it sold out in 20 mins y’all weird
Kady Hogan
Kady Hogan 10 órája
There are literally women and children being sold into sex slavery as I type this comment and people are mad about the name of this pallet...?
Leo Noakes
Leo Noakes 10 órája
the drama about the palette is a bunch of bullshit. i feel like people are so bored that they make drama to entertain themselves. death has ALWAYSSS been here. get over it
Farhan Rahman
Farhan Rahman 10 órája
I love her but why clickbait?
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