Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video] 

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records






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Curt Walter
Curt Walter 5 órája
Blink 182ish for sure
Anastasia V
Anastasia V 5 órája
itsmackenzyy 5 órája
Who else like MGK 👇🏼 I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers
Dominicko Chavezo
"2005 has entered the chat "
Anna Cojom
Anna Cojom 5 órája
I love this song so much!!
Adis Šabović
Adis Šabović 5 órája
Oh, she's all grown up now? :)
Mikeeyy 69
Mikeeyy 69 5 órája
It cannot get any gayer then this jesus Christ
Blessed B Thy WiLL
I bet her pen15 is bigger
Niki Dalton
Niki Dalton 5 órája
Be my baby 🤤🤤🤤
HidanzSick 5 órája
Isn't that Reagan from New Girl??
spyro Slam
spyro Slam 5 órája
it was better than i expected
Shnowy 5 órája
yes sir
Ashley O'Callaghan
Is it me or is the 🦊 laying it on thick with the Botox?!
William Elliott
William Elliott 5 órája
Gets bodied by Eminem, goes 2000s emo. Kill it!!
Creative1jb 5 órája
My Bloody Valentine Derek Lee!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luciana Reyes
Luciana Reyes 5 órája
Slay!! 🤘🔥
Dwayne Wharton
Dwayne Wharton 5 órája
I swear the dirt changed u as a man I don't know how to explain it but u can
Ashraf Hyper
Ashraf Hyper 5 órája
Ngl this banger will fit into a fifa 21
Smith 20
Smith 20 5 órája
This song gives me 80's and 10's vibe at the same time!
Smith 20
Smith 20 5 órája
Wait, is that really MGK song ??
Bonita Mariposita
This has All American Rejects vibes all over it.
Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis 5 órája
think im more of a rock MGK fan then his rap. good shit
lhg9106 5 órája
Somehow this gives me paramore vibes
Sara Mohan
Sara Mohan 5 órája
this is maybe a perfect music video
eastthebeast 6 órája
this song is catchy asf
JxY WorldWide Entertainment
SEEN 1ST.... I was going to post a comment BUT waited due to Work. This is. Fire🔥 also world news/Drama lol jk. Hot Couple 💑
Gusset Blaster
Gusset Blaster 6 órája
This is fucking embarrassing.
Rich Rants
Rich Rants 6 órája
Hes trolling
wolverineiscool 6 órája
AllAboutMusic 6 órája
Im only here for megan fox , the music is trash
Alberto Romero
Alberto Romero 6 órája
Autotune all the track haha
Muidun Nabi
Muidun Nabi 6 órája
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> And then he became.. THE-FASTEST-MAN-ALIVE-WITH-PINK-LIGHTING . . Ummm... PINK FLASH?? 👀
Brody Morris
Brody Morris 6 órája
Only tapped bc Megan fox
J.T. Hughes
J.T. Hughes 6 órája
I hope he keeps making music like this
Javier ochoa
Javier ochoa 6 órája
Megan fox still lookin hot like back in transformers🥵
Eminem Future Wife Delilah
2000 vibe yeah that's true.... Now.i miss my teenage... MCR Greenday
blacklevinae86 6 órája
Megan fox just gorgeous at another level. Happy to see her again hope she does tmnt.
Dawid Jakubiec
Dawid Jakubiec 6 órája
If this Song was relased in 2004... Just imagine
Xiaoye Cai
Xiaoye Cai 6 órája
Back in the day when mgk was a rapper 😂
Aishhh 6 órája
This song can be hinting at something that Megan played in, in the 2000’s, since it gives u the 2000’s vibe. The fact that she kills him in the end and is a little psycho and overprotective plus the teenage vibes. This could be awakening that Megan is working on something that has to do with the 2000’s, teenagers, Psycho, kills boys, love. You Megan Fox fans that supported her and loved her since 2000’s know what I’m talking about😉. Not only that but if what I’m thinking is right she might use this song in it. Hey don’t get your hopes up it’s only a theory. But who knows right?😉 If you don’t know what I’m talking about:🧍🏻‍♀️+👹
King Alien
King Alien 6 órája
Shannon L
Shannon L 6 órája
Megan Fox such a power move
Lolitaloliops 6 órája
ahh Megan , my teenage boy fantasies.. Instead im a middle aged woman ..
Bran Solo
Bran Solo 6 órája
mgk really enjoyed while megan fox trippin on him haha nice
Poop Mouth Jones
Poop Mouth Jones 6 órája
Two of the ugliest people. Megan and Machine... yuck
Addx Sffc
Addx Sffc 5 órája
Rain Castillo
Rain Castillo 6 órája
Sucks that ur really the ugly one lmao
Christopher Hale
Christopher Hale 6 órája
Crazy wild fun so rockstar be my bloody valentine♥️😍🤣
BEAST W'S 6 órája
Looks like Eminem killed his inner rap
Carter McAlvey
Carter McAlvey 6 órája
Better at alternative rock than rap 🤣
Damion Richter
Damion Richter 6 órája
Change your bloody tampon......
Sisilessthan3 6 órája
Wow. I wasn't expecting.......not rap lol feels like it's 2007 again. I like it
Damion Richter
Damion Richter 6 órája
Dude stick to rap homie!!
Fran Lopardo
Fran Lopardo 6 órája
Pop punk of 2020, i love this 🖤
Makeup_Addikta 6 órája
2000 pop punk vibes!!! Aweee I like
Jesús de la Torre Álvarez
Em make him change genre lol
Addx Sffc
Addx Sffc 5 órája
Unknown music fever
MGK is rock Hell yeah !!!!!!! i been waiting for these moment
ElA 6 órája
Ok but can we talk about how weird the music video is? 😂
Rain Castillo
Rain Castillo 6 órája
I don't think it's weird at all
Brad Bourke
Brad Bourke 6 órája
Isnt this that guy that raps, dissed eminem hahaha
Brett Tharp
Brett Tharp 6 órája
Wow Eminem you really did kill this mans rap career 😂
Addx Sffc
Addx Sffc 5 órája
Mami syler
Mami syler 6 órája
Mgk and meghan fox date???
chinniwonkenobi 6 órája
R.i.p david silver
Krystal Mead
Krystal Mead 6 órája
Ouch. 💔
Juma Mnoga
Juma Mnoga 6 órája
huvid.info/video/ga_Gtallt9KYgWc.html Xxxvideo
The wizard view
The wizard view 6 órája
He needs to go this route in music. The rest as music is weak..
Mason Graves
Mason Graves 6 órája
Imagine being able to produce all types of genres. You’d get so many opportunities
Where is Sam Witwicki during all of this?
Millennial Guy on Couch
Check out my guitar cover!!
Orlando Wells
Orlando Wells 7 órája
Well I guess MGK had to go back to his true roots... For a moment their I thought he was a black rapper stuck in a white's man body...😁
geoffw24 7 órája
Just remember to thank Eminem for the pop punk mgk
i am conviction
i am conviction 7 órája
Reid Takeuchi
Reid Takeuchi 7 órája
Megan Fox makes this video.
Ima Go Apesht
Ima Go Apesht 7 órája
I’m really hoping this starts a trend of bringing back great music like this.
James Salvatore
James Salvatore 7 órája
Love the punk Rock vibe bro keep it up👌🏻
Jesse Langeland
Jesse Langeland 7 órája
I was Surprised on how well it was love the vibe and unique sound
Notorious Ray
Notorious Ray 7 órája
mgk still gets dissed up to this day for trying to start something with eminem, go read the comments on killshot lmfaooooooo. they say he switched to rock cause he couldnt handle rap
Debbb debbb
Debbb debbb 7 órája
I am here because of Megan Fox
Jason Holmes
Jason Holmes 7 órája
Why is it that every song MGK makes is better then the last?
orangevideo 7 órája
Estabrak Chii
Estabrak Chii 7 órája
Am i the only one who think they fit together perfectly??
Dylan P
Dylan P 7 órája
Hahahaha my man em fucked this boy up so hard he switched genres xD
Ok Roomer
Ok Roomer 7 órája
Listening to this makes me feel like I’m listening to Green Day and Linkin park back on the day
Kayla Harper
Kayla Harper 7 órája
When Eminem reminds you you have no place in the rap world so you pick up a guitar
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