Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette 

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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on JeffreeStarCosmetics.com this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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Emma Renee Dilemma
Your intro is the worst
Emma Renee Dilemma
it is soooooooooo cringey
nATaLia 6 órája
I wish I can buy all his palettes but Im tooo youngggggggg
Ceci Razo
Ceci Razo 6 órája
Can we talk about how amazing Nicole did!! I keep rewatching just to see Jeffree with the wig!!! fuckn LOVE it!!! 🤍🖤
Bella Annmarie
Bella Annmarie 6 órája
You are such an inspiration... I’m a newbie makeup how to in my YTC. I wish I can be as successful as you but I’m still currently at the struggling part of it all. Good luck to all small you tubers like me. You are absolutely adorable and hope to have more sub. Makeup is my passion and I suffer from anxiety, panIc and severe depression. I hope to show the world through my channel it’s ok to be different. If you have time if you can stop by my channel for a bit to show some love. Thank you huvid.info/user-wMOKA4BA2Bt9_ryYe6UNwg
Peyton Hildebrand
i'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's not using a filter.
Atzziri Pena
Atzziri Pena 6 órája
You guys NEED to watch this huvid.info/video/ipuik2to1rDZapo.html
Ellegabelle 6 órája
so no ones gonna talk about lipstick n*zi
Michael Burness
Michael Burness 6 órája
Why do people encourage wuck fits like this.
Cody May
Cody May 6 órája
You like Drew Barrymore meets kiss.
Michael Burness
Michael Burness 6 órája
I wish there was a zombie apocalypse, douchebags like this would be the first to go.
Capybara With an Orange on its Head
The name is hilarious and perfect timing people are priviliged asf to be complaining about an inconvenient palette name. Edit: typo
Koi LuvsBeauty
Koi LuvsBeauty 7 órája
Honestly i cant see why there would be any other blacklash besides the color story/scheme cuz how i interpreted goth is of course having ur black white gray colors and then some pops of "gothy" colors like a purple (yes even tho royal lust is out yes i know) but something like that.... If jeffree had said im going to do a grayscale palette id be like ok werk i already know i can combine it with other palettes versus labeling it a "goth" type of palette and thinking i can do all these looks but then its like.... White black gray u know? Regardless tho its going to sell like cray bcuz u guys are too gullible
Kai SoJung
Kai SoJung 7 órája
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a> why the hell im seeing valdemort instead jeffree
Alicia B
Alicia B 7 órája
Ok while I may not support everything he does, I think people are really being ridiculous about this. People die every day, and some people don't grieve and cope by being angry and miserable. I have been surrounded by death my entire life. I've lost grandparents, a parent, aunts, uncles, friends, pets, classmates and more in my life. As a spiritual person, I choose to see the beauty that death can can bring. I find things like caskets and coffins and graveyards beautiful and peaceful. I've always appreciated and enjoyed many of the "dark" or "morbid" parts of life, and the dark humor and feel of this pallet is right up my alley. I actually think it's his best work yet. The name fits perfectly with his brand and the actual pallet. Makeup takes months or years to create, and he certainly had this in the making before this pandemic hit. If he waited longer he would have to throw away thousands of dollars worth of makeup, lose all of that money, and create a lot of unnecessary waste. It would have been a stupid decision imo. He even named a shade after his recently deceased dog. If you can't handle a name on makeup, I suggest you avoid it instead of accusing and spreading negativity. We have enough of that already. The pallet is sold out and obviously has made people happy. People don't have to conform to make YOU happy. Some of us weirdos enjoy this kind of thing. It's all about perspective.
Allison Smith
Allison Smith 7 órája
Can you collaborate with Marilyn Manson if you can?? It would be so freakin cool!!♥️
Emma *
Emma * 7 órája
i love you to death jeffrey but can you please explain this video before it becomes a big thing xx huvid.info/video/ipuik2to1rDZapo.html
Aliya Anderson
Aliya Anderson 7 órája
Ok but how are you literally a ghost right now.
Aiaice Baby
Aiaice Baby 7 órája
May 7 órája
Jeffree looking gorgeous with this straight wig
Alex Rader
Alex Rader 8 órája
I am not offended by the palette but I will not purchase it. He could not have known that a pandemic was on the way, none of us could have. And yet, I live in New York City. I see bodies out of Ny presbitarian being moved in these on the go morgues in plain daylight. I’ve been working on these paintings that deal with birds eye views of the potters field at hart island.... I don’t blame Jeffree Star, it’s just too painful to buy and I don’t even know why my dumb ass is writing this
557T108F70 Jimmy
557T108F70 Jimmy 8 órája
I don’t give a shit about death and cremation being offensive. I’m offended by how fucking awful all of these HUvid makeup artists are at makeup.
Anna M
Anna M 8 órája
The last few seconds of that video were so iconic though xD
stacixxnicole 8 órája
Loved this and love you!!!
Personal Channel
Personal Channel 8 órája
Darling you’re beautiful
Lotsoflove53 8 órája
wtf why do people hate this death comes for everyone and why are we scared of a makeup pallet??!!??!
Analisha Audi
Analisha Audi 8 órája
I love it
Windsor Sarah
Windsor Sarah 8 órája
Please put restraing orders on the booths and Clarks. K 😁
Cocom on Roblox
Cocom on Roblox 8 órája
when ur next vid? u upload every...? -Shiann (love u)
Nicole Knapsack
Nicole Knapsack 8 órája
Maybe it’s because of lipsticknazi?
Lily 8 órája
Watch as people start attacking him for naming the jaw breaker palette “jaw breaker” because it’s “insensitive” to people who have broken their jaws
Please re release 😍😍
Calistus Jay
Calistus Jay 8 órája
There's way better reasons to cancel you than the name of your pallete.
makayla raine andrew
Alejandra 8 órája
People are ridiculous with what they get offended from smh. Its like everyone WANTS to live in fear and victimize themselves
Lorie Wilson
Lorie Wilson 9 órája
Jeffree , jeffree, wow you did a awesome job I love all your videos 👍
Alex Collins
Alex Collins 9 órája
Nikki Tutorials just said she’s waiting for a Pomeranian pallete with browns and nudes and honestly I would LIVE for it
sophia Edgmon
sophia Edgmon 9 órája
OMFG...... Jeffree you did an AMAZING job on this pallet. There is no need to explain yourself. You did the MOST AMAZING JOB ON THIS ONE. If i could only use one word for you and this pallet..........FABULOUS.....again AMAZING job. Nicole......girl your the best. I love all of her looks. They are always hers and so originally created. WONDERFUL JOB.
Corine Marquez
Corine Marquez 9 órája
This video made my day better I have been having such a crappy day thanks
Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker 9 órája
I absolutely hate death and anything to do with it so I'm trying so hard not to focus on this drama, but some people need to C H I L L! Don't like it? Don't buy it. Im not a fan of his as i used to be but starting drama for the fun of it is petty is childish.
Scratch Off Gal
Scratch Off Gal 9 órája
Seeing you two together just ... literally put a smile on face
Maegan Wilson
Maegan Wilson 9 órája
That song got me
Maegan Wilson
Maegan Wilson 9 órája
the one playing around 12:00
Denire Paredes
Denire Paredes 9 órája
Love their energy together !!!!!
Adela Gant
Adela Gant 9 órája
Jeffree can I request or ask a favour please is that possible to have ur one of ur over used bag I’m only poor filipina and cannot afford to buy a decent bag for myself. I wish one of ur staff can read this messages . Thank you and keep smiling. I m one of ur avid fan I admire u so much for being so humble take Care always.
Rachael Long
Rachael Long 9 órája
Okay but this is one of the prettiest palettes EVER
Adoki 9 órája
You look like an anime villain
all_ bluevioletbliss
Cremated is my ABSOLUTE, hands down, without a doubt my FAVORITE palette. I'm not really into "crazy", neons and really bright eyeshadow looks but I still love unique color stories and Cremated is all about that! As far as people complaining about the timing, are just looking for something to bitch about. It's been a loooooong time since anyone has had anything to think about besides this COVID mess and you gave so many people something to be excited about and we LOVE it! Don't let the whiners get to you, you have knocked this one out of the damn park! 🖤
Lindsie Cooper
Lindsie Cooper 9 órája
This is killer! I’m so sad I was late to logging in to order my palate, I missed out! It’s hard to balance stuff like that when I’m at the hospital. I need to know when this restock is coming, hopefully I won’t be working that day!
Kady Hogan
Kady Hogan 9 órája
There are literally women and children being sold into sex slavery as I type this comment and people are mad about the name of this pallet...?
Sunny Down South
Sunny Down South 9 órája
This woulda been better around Halloween time but idk wat u have in store for then. Nvm just saw where u mentioned this at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> 😅
Mykaela Paradis
Mykaela Paradis 9 órája
I don't understand why people are so upset about this pallete. I kept reading people say "why would he release it now with a pandemic." Or my favorite "he's releasing it on the anniversary of the Manchester massacre. Tacky" probably every day is an anniversary of a massacre of some kind. That's not your fault that the release date just so happened to be during this one. And I don't know if working in the medical field, nursing homes in particular, has given me a different thought of death but I actually love the name of this pallete and the names of the shades. It's not offensive in any way, shape or form.
Camila 9 órája
Gael Sandoval
Gael Sandoval 9 órája
Who would want to walk out looking like that? Not me!
Kiki Infinity
Kiki Infinity 10 órája
Jessica Torres
Jessica Torres 10 órája
Fucking delicious! This was iconic!❤️😈
Camila 10 órája
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 10 órája
Tatum V
Tatum V 10 órája
I wanna get high and have someone do my makeup this bomb
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia 10 órája
Love the pallet my favorite
Trinity Bailey-Garcia
Lol cremation isn’t new people just put your petty feelings away please
Natalie 10 órája
Chris Hansen......
Pulse Of The Maggots
You and Dahvie should create a make-up line. Call it "Predator Vibes"
makayla raine andrew
💀 fr
Ginny Spencer
Ginny Spencer 10 órája
I thought this beautiful palette was Cream and mated colors:) hence cremated
XX Jon Jon boi
XX Jon Jon boi 10 órája
Hey Jeffrey I just want to say that I know that you’re fake and I will be exposing you for what you’ve done xoxoxo
Megan Kerr
Megan Kerr 10 órája
You’d think by now people understand your collections and the products you create are seen as art to you. Yes drama finds you... but seriously I think the negativity is them. Products takes months if not over a year to create and finalize. As well campaigns are planned months in advance. So yes the timing may not sit well with some...but again in business you can only push back a launch for so long And shout out to Lipstick Nic...beyond talented
GG Allin
GG Allin 10 órája
You're disgusting
Kerrie x
Kerrie x 10 órája
When the hell is he supposed to release it’s not his fault no one could of foreseen this virus ever there just wasn’t ever going to be a good time to release not after this virus no way he took a chance and maybe people who have lost a loved one look to this pallette many use make up as a way to release there grief I don’t get when he’s getting so much crap for this the palette is amazing
killmore75 11 órája
Weirdo! Sorry!
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
the palette works perfectly for Halloween...
Emmaline 11 órája
Those that are offended are digging hard to be offended... dang
Nana Chan
Nana Chan 11 órája
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays while Nicole does the eye look? That beat drop is insane.
ann reeve
ann reeve 11 órája
U are not great.
Roun 11 órája
ann reeve no one asked.
Malachi Courtney
Malachi Courtney 11 órája
hey jeffree you should try a full face only using physicians formula 😁😉
Noel Christina Riley
Gifted makeup artiste !!! I am not critical of the art ...it's art, yes. It's the timing ...I have lost friends in the medical world. I am a health care worker. None understand ...none.
Alicia B
Alicia B 8 órája
"None understand" Yeah because nobody else has lost someone. 🙄 I have been surrounded by death my entire life. Many people cope with humor and things like this. I may not support everything he does but you people are ridiculous. He has been working on this for months even a year and nobody can predict a pandemic. If he waited any longer he would have to throw away thousands of dollars worth of makeup. That's not only a stupid business move but it's also wasteful. I personally love this and think it's his best work yet. Death is a part of life, and some people are fascinated by it. If you don't like it don't watch it or buy it, simple as that. He even named a shade after his deceased dog ffs. This is not something meant to poke fun at death. Plus it's sold out so clearly people enjoy it.
Noel Christina Riley
I agree.
D S 12 órája
this guy is beyond disgusting. Money is all that matters to him
D S 12 órája
everyone is following this evil demon - you know we are in the end times for sure
Roun 11 órája
D S you scared? 💀
Veronica Simmonds
Veronica Simmonds 12 órája
It's not weird timing at all people will ALWAYS find things shitty to say about other people especially if people are doing well. I feel like you didn't need to explain to a small group of people whose feelings get hurt by things the see or hear. We have all had people close to us pass it's a huge part of life. We learn to adapt and keep going . Love the pallet
Leslie P
Leslie P 12 órája
I love this! And to have you explain anything that you do as a business person is crazy! THIS IS ALL FACTS PEOPLE!
Code Name
Code Name 12 órája
That’s the big to do about the pallet? It’s not the quality or product, it’s that the name designed specifically to accentuate the greys and f the ash pallet hurts peoples feelings because they forget that we are all going to die? Holy hell.
Jazmine Ayers
Jazmine Ayers 12 órája
Jeffree needs to start making his own glue on nails!
Kate Milner
Kate Milner 12 órája
Is there anywhere in England where I can get one of your mirrors from? 🤞🏼❤️
Faith Evans
Faith Evans 13 órája
Y'all seriously take the title "makeup artist" to the next level. I'm so impressed.
Hydra Heads
Hydra Heads 13 órája
hypocrisy. personified.
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